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Movements: The Real Liberal Virus (Get that Shit Out of Your System)

By C-101 Editors

…we posit the inherent liberalism and self-defeating tendencies which have laced most movements we know of today… Liberalism comes from Western philosophical thought which purports ALL social reality is created and defined by the “individual”, not the group. As a result, it is an ideology which promotes self-interest and gain.


Raggo Zulu Rebel’s JahKnowStar

By C-101 Editors

Raggo Zulu Rebel’s has just dropped new music on his JahKnowStar Mixtape with Ireland’s own Mic-A-Blaze Records & Dj Ozz G.

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Lest We Forget: Steve Biko Never Forgot His Purpose in Life
by Julian Kunnie

By C-101 Editors

September 12, 2015 is the 38th anniversary of the assassination of Steve Biko, and Dr. Julian Kunnie reminds us that Biko’s work is still yet to be done in spite of the mendacious narrative that liberation has come to South Africa/Azania.

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Ten Step Guide to Being a Black Leader in Amerikkka for White Folk
Part 2 of 2

By C-101 Editors

A continuation of the satirical piece inspired by Ayi Kwei Armah’s book KMT: In The House of Life.

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Black Disidentification: The 2013 Protests , Rolezinhos, & Racial Antagonism in Post-Lula Brazil by João Costa Vargas

By C-101 Editors

Dr. João Costa Vargas explores dimensions of a foundational social antagonism that characterizes Brazilian society, by analyzing the ways in which the problem of Black presence manifested itself in the 2013 mass street protests and the rolezinhos (literally cruises, or little strolls).

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Ten Step Guide to Being a Black Leader in Amerikkka for White Folk
Part 1 of 2

By C-101 Editors

This piece was inspired by Ayi Kwei Armah’s book KMT: In The House of Life.

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African History in the Service of the Black Liberation

By C-101 Editors

In this paper Dr. Walter A. Rodney (W.A.R.) is breaking down how African history can be used as a tool for Black liberation. As Brother Rodney points out…

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We Are Africans: The Imperative of Claiming Our National Identity for
African Liberation

By C-101 Editors

A foundational aspect of building a nation is proper identity. With proper identity you are able to discern your purpose, interests, and objectives as a group. Unfortunately…

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“Black Lives Matter?”: The Sisyphean Endeavour to Fight Racism as
Opposed to Struggling for Revolutionary Pan-African Liberation

By C-101 Editors

Nothing could be more futile than an effort to make one group’s personal attitude central to your objectives as an oppressed group.

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Exclusive Raggo Zulu Rebel Tracks!

By C-101 Editors

Five EXCLUSIVE unreleased tracks from Raggo Zulu Rebel’s forthcoming album Love & Lust 2.