Black Disidentification: The 2013 Protests , Rolezinhos, & Racial Antagonism in Post-Lula Brazil by João Costa Vargas

Published by: Editors

Brazilian police at a rolezinhos

Black Disidentification: The 2013 Protests, Rolezinhos, and Racial Antagonism in Post-Lula Brazil explores dimensions of a foundational social antagonism that, Dr. João Costa Vargas characterizes as Brazilian society, by analyzing the ways in which the problem of Black presence manifested itself in the 2013 mass street protests and the rolezinhos (literally cruises, or little strolls). Dr. Vargas makes an initial analysis of the drastic policy changes brought about by the two Lula federal administrations, in particular their emphasis on addressing long-term and structural poverty. This is followed by an examination of white participate in and Black disidentification with the 2013 protests, establishing the ground on which the heuristic proposition about the foundational Black antagonism vis-a-vis the nation is further elaborated and tested.

This article was written by  Dr. João Costa Vargas for Critical Sociology in 2014. This is the bonus material we promised on Instagram and it is highly suggested reading. With this one under your belt you will be able to understand and connect with our latest interview with João that took place this August 2015, coming soon.  Download this piece and share it with people! Thanks for your support!