The Wretched of the Earth-Fanon-C101

The Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon

The Wretched of the Earth concerns the psychology of the colonized and the path to liberation. This book is one of the foundational works which …

Pedagogy of the oppressed-Freire-C101

Pedagogy of the Oppressed, 30th Anniversary Edition by Paulo Freire

There are no blurbs or short explanations to write about Pedagogy of the Oppressed. To attempt to explain one aspect of this book would limit …

Class Struggle In Africa-Kwame Nkrumah-C101

Class Struggle In Africa by Kwame Nkrumah

The best way to describe this book is by expanding the title to say Class Struggle Amongst Africans.  Nkrumah places the African struggle in the …

A Dying Colonialism-Fanon-C101

A Dying Colonialism by Frantz Fanon

A Dying Colonialism is an incisive account of how oppressed nationalities can use cultural practices derided by colonialist as primitive to advance revolutionary ideology and …

Toward The African Revolution-Fanon-C101

Toward the African Revolution by Frantz Fanon

Toward the African Revolution is a collection of articles, essays, and letters which enumerates all the concessions the ruling class will give you to maintain …

The Colonizer and The Colonized-Memmi-C101

The Colonizer and the Colonized by Albert Memmi

In The Colonizer and the Colonized, Albert Memmi explores the psychological effects of colonialism on colonized and colonizers alike. This book eliminates various designations such …

Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust-John Henrik Clarke-C101

Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust: Slavery and the Rise of European Capitalism by John Henrik Clarke

This book explains how slavery and genocide were institutionalized and systematized into a global system of domination, destruction, and death which colonized labor, land, and …

Capital Volume 1-Marx-C101

Capital: Volume 1: A Critique of Political Economy by Karl Marx

Capital was the product of thirty years close study of the capitalist mode of production. England is used as the subjective case study to prove …

Petals of Blood-Ngugi-C101

Petals of Blood by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

The puzzling murder of three African directors of a foreign-owned brewery sets the scene for this hard-hitting novel about disillusionment in neocolonial Kenya. While Ngũgĩ’s …

Autobiography of Malcolm X-C101

The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley by Malcolm X

This is the book that started our conscientization. The title is self explanatory. If you haven’t read this yet, then now is the time!