Cyclonious’s The Revival is Out Now!!!

By Editors

Cyclonious has just released his latest album, The Revival, which we consider to be his magnum opus.

Eyesis Star’s New Album – K.R.E.A.M.

By Editors

Eyesis Star’s new album entitled K.R.E.A.M (Knowledge Rules Everything Around Me) is her first solo project release and covers a real life transition into what it means to be yourself in a world full of imitations.

Zenzene Zenzene na—For My People-Soweto Lives On! by Julian Kunnie

By Editors

It’s hard to believe that 40 years have passed since the historic Soweto student uprising that marked a watershed in the liberation struggle in South Africa, sparked by defenseless and courageous youth of whom over 1,000 were mercilessly gunned down by trigger-happy apartheid police. The martyrs of Soweto should never be forgotten by anybody who values humanity….

Get Your Free Appreciation Gift Today!

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Conscientization 101 is offering free musical commentaries as an appreciation gift to our supporters!

New Website is Fully Live & Our Store Is Open!

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If you have recently visited our site, you have seen many aspects of Conscientization 101 change. Fortunately, the updates we announced last year have materialized and we wanted to give our old and new supporters a rundown of the new features!

Download Uhuru (Cyclonious & Tha 4orce) Album Sampler!

By Editors

The ‘noteworthy’ duo, Uhuru (Cyclonious & Tha 4orce), are releasing an album sampler giving an insight into their remarkable sound.

A Series of Writings by Chinweizu

By Editors

In these writings Chinweizu highlights the process of forced ‘Arabization’ and anti-African genocide that has been taking place across Northern Africa for thousands of years.

Raggo Zulu Rebel’s JahKnowStar

By James Stone

Raggo Zulu Rebel’s has just dropped new music on his JahKnowStar Mixtape with Ireland’s own Mic-A-Blaze Records & Dj Ozz G.

Black Disidentification: The 2013 Protests , Rolezinhos, & Racial Antagonism in Post-Lula Brazil by João Costa Vargas

By Editors

Dr. João Costa Vargas explores dimensions of a foundational social antagonism that characterizes Brazilian society, by analyzing the ways in which the problem of Black presence manifested itself in the 2013 mass street protests and the rolezinhos (literally cruises, or little strolls).

African History in the Service of the Black Liberation

By Editors

In this paper Dr. Walter A. Rodney (W.A.R.) is breaking down how African history can be used as a tool for Black liberation. As Brother Rodney points out…