Misguided Movement: The Neoliberal Move Toward Natural Hair Part 1 of 3

Published by: Zari Sundiata

The Black Panther party was involved in a serious struggle for freedom from state terror and police brutality against our communities. These sisters protest addressing Huey Newton’s incarceration represent a true movement for self-determination, not individualistic self-expression.

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We are a world people, a potentially powerful people without power and we need to know why. We have been a natural attraction for other people. That was the basis of the crisis in Africa 3000 years ago. This is the basis of the crisis in the African world right now.

—John Henrik Clarke1

A class analysis of the current “trends” of African women wearing their hair natural which places this so-called “movement” within the framework of neoliberalism.

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  1. John Henrik Clarke, Africans at the Crossroads: African World Revolution (Trenton: African World Press Inc., 1996), 401.