Our Way, The Way! Ogoun’s Theme!

Published by: James Stone

This is a depiction of the celebration of Ogoun’s ceremony on August 14, 1791. Ogoun is the vodon Lwa who presides over fire, iron, politics, and war. Boukman Dutty launched the Haitian Revolution with the understanding that a liberation war “was guaranteed success when it coincided with the recognition of the Vodon pantheon, particularly Ogoun, and was in congruence with both African cosmological forces and ancestral spiritual beliefs.” – Wade W. Nobles, The Island of Memes: Haiti’s Unfinished Revolution, pg. 78.

Preview Commentary:

Want To Hear More!?

Y’all must have forgot how yo ass came here!

Beaten, chained, and whipped!!!

Submerged in our own blood, urine, vomit, and shit!!!

Scattered and dispersed all over the goddamn place!!!

But some of you simple minded negroes forgot our African family just ain’t in da United States!!!

Go to South America!

Go to Central America!

Go to the Caribbean Islands!

And you will think it’s a law of nature that the African must remain on da bottom!

To try to explain this supposed “natural phenomena” the preacher man will go all fatalistic, and try to explain political economy by saying “everything happens for a reason!”


Just pick you up a copy of Ayi Kwei Armah’s Two Thousand Seasons

Because if we understand the Seasons, we will understand that we ain’t in poverty because of “God’s Will”, lack of morals, or because we ain’t got no job!

It’s because them invaders came to our land and commenced to rob.

All those who invaded us stayed true to their civilizations

Whether it was the European or Arab nations

As they plundered us, they were very clear about who they were and who we are, and as a result of this colonial exploitation they saw the loot in their coffers rise!!!!

What you gonna do about it! Because they done convinced you ain’t you no African, and anything Black you despise!!!

So we ain’t unified and don’t know who we are, all over the world we get slapped like we some bitches!!!!

As the African dies across the globe, we turn a blind eye, and proclaim loyalty to our masters, because we just want some extra commissary, that’s why so-called Black leadership around the world are as treacherous as dem jailhouse snitches!!!

But you negroes will say we have made progress!!!


We have digressed!!!!

Teaching our children we can only be something when subjugate ourselves to the West!!!

So stop thinking your job is to influence power

Cause those in power don’t give a shit, dem fools reside in an ivory tower

We can’t rely on those who oppress us to provide the answer

All they know how to do is spread and kill like cancer

Our job is to organize and build today

So we can live in a world free to create, “OUR WAY, THE WAY!!!!!”