Ten Step Guide to Being a Black Leader in Amerikkka for White Folk
Part 1 of 2

Published by: C-101 Editors

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama. Some people may see this as a disrespectful representation of Barack Obama, but what this demonstrates is his unconditional service to his white paymasters. They’re just having a little fun!

The following was inspired by Ayi Kwei Armah’s book KMT: In The House of Life.

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STEP 1: Tabula rasa! You are a clean slate, ready to serve. Some may call that thralldom or slavery, but you call it opportunity! Minimize all cultural and phenotypical ties to Africa because, after all, WE ARE ALL HUMAN, RIGHT?!  As black leaders for white people we are natural leaders since we have been educated and imbued with the civilizing affects of European universalism! Make every effort to develop a world-view that the concept of modernity is equivalent to Western civilization. Endorse the notion that Europeaness or Western civilization is a certain level of history in human evolution, as opposed to a certain mode of cultural being. In laymen’s terms, describe everything as…”that’s the way of the world….”

STEP 2: Officialdom. Work hard and step on all your friends to gain official access to white institutions. You will be of no use to your white paymasters if you lack “official” credentials. White leadership has worked tirelessly to destabilize and neutralize militant black nationalists and revolutionaries by painting them as “crazies” and “conspiracy theorists.” In their infinite wisdom, white leadership has ensured that people with your aspirations can emerge as the “new black leadership.” Remember, your goal is to be the “first black….” in the white people’s system! Think of yourself as a sockpuppet with a gargantuan gapping whole. The white ruling class is an iron fist eagerly awaiting to shove itself inside of you to control all your actions. This will cause some discomfort or cognitive dissonance, but this will be a minor violation once you are provided with endless “opportunity” for personal advancement.

STEP 3: Funding. Always strive to be the only black person in white organizations and gain a position as the expert on “black problems.” After all, the white ruling class needs you to have a base, no matter how flimsy, in “black matters” to maintain some veneer of legitimacy. You must be cleaver in juggling your complete disdain for black people and pretending to understand their problems, see Step 4 for more detail. You have to put in a lot of work so you can gain funding by being on the “social justice” circuit for some time, creating a name the ruling class can trust to put in front of any rebellion. Remember, you are an anger management counselor for your people, you must do this job well!

STEP 4: Engaging the community as “New Black Leadership”. Be familiar with the top 10 playlist on the radio and all “black movies” in the cineplexes. You must learn to play up stereotypes white people have created of the black masses. In the words of the great neocolonial poet and puppet of Senegal, Leopold Senghor, who was able to seize opportunity by selling out to the French, “emotion is Negro, as reason is Greek.” Senghor knew this sentiment was bullshit, but he was able to use it to his advantage, you must learn from this great African leader! Step carefully because the black masses may have been brainwashed but they are NOT DUMB. Use their desire to develop black nationalism by conflating these aspirations with “black Americanism” (e.g. Barack Obama is within the same tradition as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X). If you are ever confronted with pesky things such as, well, facts…., always obfuscate the issue by invoking ideas of moral superiority. Say things like…”You don’t want to be just like them, do you?”

STEP 5: Use Black People’s Energy for Others. We all know black people are hopeless xenophiles who just want “peace and harmony” for everybody. Our great white fathers have used Christianity and the long suffering of Jesus to thoroughly indoctrinate black people into believing that the highest level of moral standing is to suffer and sacrifice for others. This has been so engrained that they avoid any relationship built on reciprocity to avoid being called “racist” and to maintain their “moral high ground.” Don’t let this energy go to waste, merely harness this energy by playing up the idea of “moral high ground” to focus and diffuse this energy in fulfilling other people’s agendas such as homosexuals, women (white only), heck…even animal rights! Black people should be scared away from a Pan-African agenda to rebuild an African nation, find creative ways to convince them that their responsibility is to the universe, not just black people!