EP.024: Dr. Julian Kunnie’s The Cost of Globalization – Part 2 of 3

In part two of our three part dialogue with Dr. Julian Kunnie about his book, The Cost of Globalization: Dangers to the Earth and Its People, we talk about the effects globalization has on Indigenous people, and properly define indigeneity. We also discuss why the proposed “solutions” for the so-called “third world” can never…

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Eyesis Star’s New Album – K.R.E.A.M

By C-101 Editors

Eyesis Star’s new album entitled K.R.E.A.M (Knowledge Rules Everything Around Me) is her first solo project release and covers a real life transition into what it means to be yourself in a world full of imitations.

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Eyesis Star – Love Sounds

This is the second release from Eyesis Star’s new album K.R.E.A.M (Knowledge Rules Everything Around Me). Eyesis Star describes this as her “interpretation of what …

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Eyesis Star – My Way

A dope track from our well grounded sister Eyesis Star. From her forthcoming album K.R.E.A.M.

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Eyesis Star – Non Believer

Only the realist feel this track! Can’t wait until Eyesis drops her K.R.E.A.M. (Knowledge Rules Everything Around Me) album! Until then checkout our interview with …

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