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EP.034: Moments of Truth With Watusi87 of RU1 Fam – Part 2

We conclude our two part series, Moments of Truth With Watusi87 of RU1 Fam. In this episode we discuss the definition of freedom from an African- centered perspective, how European sexual exploitation of African people during slavery/colonialism still resonates with us today, and how through this continued sexual exploitation sex is used as a counter revolutionary weapon against Africans worldwide via the music industry.

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The Sex Imperative by Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

The Sex Imperative details the origin, historical progression and essence of european sexual insanity. It is a discussion which particularly focuses on this thought and behavior as it has been assimilated and is being practiced by Afrikans who are participating in european culture, as if it is their own.

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