Wise Intelligent – Stuck (A Lesson in Rhyme)

“Stuck (A Lesson In Rhyme)” was produced by DJ Pocket, for Serious Knock Ent. Menacing kicks and snares, and a loop from H-Town’s Scarface from …

Gensu Dean & Wise Intelligent – Ooh Wee (Shakiyla Pt. 4)

THE AFRICAN WOMAN!!! OOOH WEE BABY!!!!  Track appears on Gensu and Wise’s album Game of Death.

Watusi87 ft. Non Applicable – Polluted Canopy

Video is dope!!!! Track can be found on Watusi87’s Moments of Truth EP.

Watusi87 – Lava Hot

Yes this track most certainly is! Track can be found on Watusi87’s Moments of Truth EP.

Cyclonious – What’s Your Fate?

Cyclonious is back with his second single “What’s Your Fate?” taken from the majestic forthcoming album The Revival.
This time Cyclonious has put together the production …

Gensu Dean & Wise Intelligent – “G.o.D. (Game of Death)”

DAMN!!!! WISE HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!! 2017 HAS BEEN AN INTELLIGENT YEAR!!! Track can be found on Gensu Dean and Wise Intelligent’s album Game of …

Tha 4orce + Dubbledge with Big Cakes – My Brother’s Keeper

Damn str8 fire!!! Dubbledge droppin that real! “If you don’t know the rules, how the f&$! you gonna win?!” Real talk! We like how Big …

Tha 4ORCE + Cyclonious – Wild Wind That Blows

Fire track from this dynamic duo!!! Pick up all six variations of this track from Tha 4orce today!


The “Natural Disaster” Cyclonious, is back and he is releasing his first single “STFU” taken from the upcoming dynamic album “The Revival”. This time he …

Eyesis Star – Love Sounds

This is the second release from Eyesis Star’s new album K.R.E.A.M (Knowledge Rules Everything Around Me). Eyesis Star describes this as her “interpretation of what …