Lowkey feat. M1 & Black The Ripper – Obama Nation Part 2

Not only does Lowkey set this track on fire with his unique form of conscientization, but he also introduced Conscientization 101 to one of our …

Logic ft. Lowkey & Renee Soul – I Wish

We here at Conscientization 101 were happy to see Lowkey laying down a track since announcing his hiatus from music. Track can be found on …

Lowkey – Hand On Your Gun

Track from Lowkey’s critically acclaimed Soundtrack To The Struggle.

Lowkey – Soundtrack to the Struggle

Title track from Lowkey’s critically acclaimed Soundtrack To The Struggle.

Lowkey – My Soul

Track from Lowkey’s critically acclaimed album Soundtrack To The Struggle.

Logic feat. Shadia Mansour – So Serious

The official video for “So Serious” by Logic MC, featuring Shadia Mansour. Track appears on Logic’s Listen album.

Raggo Zulu Rebel – Give It to Dem

Classic! From his album titled The Return of Jah Messenger.

Raggo Zulu Rebel – Dangerous/Look

Raggo Zulu Rebel giving you a 2 for 1 video with the tracks “Dangerous” and “Look”. Much love to Rebs for hitting up Conscientization 101 …

Big Cakes feat. Raggo Zulu Rebel – Straight Knowledge

It’s the “Dynamic Duo”, as we here at Conscientization 101 refer to Big Cakes and Raggo Zulu Rebel. Indeed it is “Straight Knowledge”. Track appears …

Raggo Zulu Rebel – Babylon

The upfulness of this track in overstanding the downpression of Babylon towards humanity, leaves one with a profound sense of irie. Bless to the brother …