Raggo Zulu Rebel – Dangerous/Look

Raggo Zulu Rebel giving you a 2 for 1 video with the tracks “Dangerous” and “Look”. Much love to Rebs for hitting up Conscientization 101 when he dropped this video (we were... Read more »

Big Cakes feat. Raggo Zulu Rebel – Straight Knowledge

It’s the “Dynamic Duo”, as we here at Conscientization 101 refer to Big Cakes and Raggo Zulu Rebel. Indeed it is “Straight Knowledge”. Track appears on Big Cakes’s Money Talks​.​.​. So Listen. Read more »

Raggo Zulu Rebel – Babylon

The upfulness of this track in overstanding the downpression of Babylon towards humanity, leaves one with a profound sense of irie. Bless to the brother Rebs! Track can be found on Raggo’s... Read more »

Akala – Fire In The Booth Part 2

Akala joins Charlie Sloth in studio to yet again set the booth ablaze! Read more »

Akala – Fire In The Booth

Akala demonstrating that he is most definitely “Fire In The Booth” with Charlie Sloth on 1Xtra. Track can be found on Akala’s album entitled Knowledge Is Power Mixtape Vol. 1. Read more »

Akala – Find No Enemy

Third single from Akala’s third album Doublethink, featuring Cassell The Beatmaker on drums, Jodi Milliner on bass and Angelo Kangellaris on guitar. Read more »

Akala – XXL

Official video for Akala’s 1st single “XXL”, taken from his third album entitled Doublethink, featuring Akala starring as “MC Stereotype”. Read more »

Akala – Lose Myself feat. Josh Osho

 “Lose Myself” featuring Josh Osho was the first single taken from Akala’s album, The Thieves Banquet. Read more »

Akala – Malcolm Said It (Live)

 Akala’s “Malcolm Said It”, live at Tate Modern as part of the Hyperlink event. “Malcolm Said It” appears on Akala’s album, The Thieves Banquet. Read more »

Lowkey – Terrorist

Track  from the critically acclaimed album Soundtrack To The Struggle by Lowkey. Read more »