RBG: The Ep (Red, Black, Green) by MCE

Experience the Red, Black, and the Green!!!  From Mce’s numinous RBG: The Ep (Red, Black, Green). Read more »


 MCE gots that RBG FIRE!!!! Read more »

Raggo Zulu Rebel – Mac’n Cheese

 Our brother putting it down! Yall know you want that MAC’N CHEESE!!!  Track appears on Raggo’s Necromancy album.   Read more »

Wise Intelligent – On Everything

 “On Everything” is the official first single/video from Wise Intelligent’s PONZIE: Back 2 School 5th Period album. The video was shot in Cartagena, Colombia, and directed by Dre Films (additional shots... Read more »

Cyclonious – Invasion Day

 From Cyclonious’s The Revival comes his video Invasion Day. This video is about the settler colonial polity of Australia. Not only does the track discuss the settler colonial invasion, but it paints... Read more »

Watusi87 – Tales of a Futuristic World

 Watusi87 of RU1Fam video from his Moments of Truth EP. Read more »

Big Cakes – Toast

 Fire track from Big Cakes’s latest album No Excuses. Read more »

You & Me – So Strong

 Our sister Asabi Hawah and our brother Raggo Zulu Rebel demonstrating why their collective efforts as the group You & Me are so strong! Track can be found on their debut... Read more »

Wise Intelligent – This Space

 The opening track on Wise Intelligent’s album Wise Intelligent iz…Stevie Bonneville Wallace (Back 2 School 4th Period) got a video! You have to ask yourself if this is lyrical salvo is... Read more »

Wise Intelligent – Stuck (A Lesson in Rhyme)

 “Stuck (A Lesson In Rhyme)” was produced by DJ Pocket, for Serious Knock Ent. Menacing kicks and snares, and a loop from H-Town’s Scarface from the song “Smile” featuring Tupac, provide... Read more »