Distorted Truths: The Bastardization of Afrikan Cosmology by S. K. Damani Agyekum

We found out about this book while watching an interview conducted by Brother ShakaRa out of the U.K. with the distinguished elder Sababu Plata. Sababu Plata was the late great Amos Wilson’s friend and business partner, the two both owned and operated the publishing company Afrikan World InfoSystems. After Dr. Wilson’s transition to the ancestors in1995, Brother Sababu continued to operate Afrikan World Infosystems, and Distorted Truths is just one of many erudite and trenchant Afrikan centered publications available from Afrikan World InfoSystems.

In this work of profound and disciplined research Seba Agyekum levels the fiction fed to Afrikan people surrounding their past and resulting present world condition by proposing a dynamic approach to Pan-Afrikan people winning the future.

In Distorted Truths, Agyekum using a multidisciplinary approach, dismantles that which we have come to accept as Western thought and Judaeo-Christian practice, exposing its racist theft, outright bastardization and usurpation of Afrikan cosmology and history. Covering fundamental areas as archeology, paleo and cultural anthropology, he reevaluates Diop’s Two Cradle Theory and painstakingly unveils Western scholars fraudulent search for racial anteriority, white supremacy, and their obfuscation of Afrika’s origin of, and contribution to, world culture.

After debunking Western claims and miseducation, he examines the development of civilization across time and high-cultures. Through extensive use of Grimaldi outmigrations from Afrika into Europe and beyond, he re-links the present-day customs and rituals of their most direct descendants – today’s Mbuti, Twa, San, and Khoi – with central, southern and eastern Afrika. He profiles two Mande cosmologies, the Dogon and Bambara, as examples of fundamental and existing cosmological systems, cementing how in Afrikan thought, ancestral honor (veneration), body-soul (spiritual) development, and transcendence interweave with land use, human becoming (initiation), animal and earth custodianship to thereby create a balanced and abiding relationship between the human being and Nature. This perspective runs antithetical to the current ecocidal and ethnocidal practices and policies of slash, clear-cut, and burn.

Very well illustrated, this text further courses the reader through in-depth exploration of issues from prehistory to pre- and post-dynastic Nile valley cultures; follows with the period of Greco-Roman-Byzantine domination – incidentally the birth and evolvement of our modern Christ concept – then summarizes with the detrimental impact of Christendom’s rise as punctuated by the closing of fountainhead Nile Valley educational schools (or Egyptian Mystery System) by Roman rulers Theodosius and finally Justinian II in 576 A.D.

Brilliantly researched and annotated, Agyekum conclusively advances a restorative cosmology, one rooted in Afrikan history, consciousness, dignity and purpose, new science, innovative thinking and changing geopolitics. Distorted Truths adds to a growing canon crafted to reclaim Afrikan worldview, promote Afrikan unity, and attain lasting power.

A work of heart, mind, and true scholarship – a work geared toward winning the Afrikan future!

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