Dr. Amos Wilson Deconstructs The Political Agenda Behind Linking Genetics To Crime

Dr. Wilson breaks it down! Although he doesn’t specifically use the word colonialism, what he describes is nothing but colonial domination, and the excuses colonizers use to justify their exploitation of the colonized. Brother Wilson makes it plain and explains why it is useless to engage in endless debates with the colonizer trying to counter claims of the inferiority of the colonized.  It is not a question of some “white folks with bad intentions” or “maybe if we just let them know the facts”, but a question of power which is organized in a colonial structure against African people.

No amount of debates or studies will empower Africans against the colonizer. It is structures which must be challenged for the purpose of obtaining power, not engaging in the futility of chasing issues to no end other than trying to get the colonizers acceptance (we love his message to the negro bourgeoisie who think they are safe by aping white folks).

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