Wise Intelligent – On Everything

“On Everything” is the official first single/video from Wise Intelligent’s PONZIE: Back 2 School 5th Period album. The video was shot in Cartagena, Colombia, and directed by Dre Films (additional shots in Atlanta, GA by Chris “BC” Wynn). The track was produced by the incomparable beat monster Masada. “On Everything” is Wise’s critical analysis of the culture, and how rap music—its most effective instrument for social change—is being used primarily to promote Yurugu’s consumer oriented materialism and self destruction; as opposed to inspiring and motivating people toward positive attitudes and lifestyles that would move the culture forward in a sustainable and collectively empowering trajectory.

Definitely love how this track is arranged on the album, it comes in hard after that infamous dialogue between the two white colonizers who were talking about how to maintain hegemony over the African internal colony in the U.S. from the Iceberg Slim inspired movie Trick Baby (similar to our brother Big Frizzle’s album FamilyFirst Africa 4 Africans Edition). Get Ponzie today! Wise is “rockin on you suckas like it’s 1985!”


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