The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley by Malcolm X

This is the book that started our conscientization. The title is self explanatory. If you haven’t read this yet, then now is the time! Read more »

Cyclonious – Don’t Sleep

When you listen to these lyrics you can here that Cylonious is definitely about promoting praxis. From his album Montu Arts. [bandcamp album=692467275 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=5D9D3D size=venti] Read more »

Logic – Spectator

Logic demonstrating how hip hop can touch you viscerally, while at the same time elevate you intellectually. It is the dialectics of development. Checkout the remix of this track on Logic’s album... Read more »

Eyes Of The Rainbow

This is a documentary written and directed by Gloria Rolando from Havana, Cuba and narrated by Nehanda Abiodun (also an Afrikan political exile from the United States to Cuba). This is a... Read more »

Big Cakes feat. Blemish – Brothers In Africa

Tracks like this are the reason why we love Big Cakes. The late African revolutionary theoretician Dr. John Henrik Clark said it best, “No matter were you body is in this world…your... Read more »

Raggo Zulu Rebel ft Big Cakes – Battle With The Beast

Loving this one. We see you Nate up in the video. Track available on Raggo Zulu Rebel’s album Bible and the Gun. Read more »

This Is Black History feat. Jody McIntyre, Logic, Big Ben, Jaja Soze, Big Cakes, Genesis Elijah, MC D, Cerose, Big Frizzle, Wordplay, Haze, USG, Rodney P, & Akala

This is a track that needs to be on constant loop! [bandcamp track=3054877475 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=5D9D3D size=venti] Read more »

Raggo Zulu Rebel feat. Eyesis Star & Zion Citizen – Marcus Garvey (R.B.G.)

This track represents one of the many reasons why Raggo Zulu Rebel is one of Conscientization 101’s favorite artists. Track appears on Raggo’s album titled The Return of Jah Messenger. Read more »

Logic ft. Lowkey & Renee Soul – I Wish

We here at Conscientization 101 were happy to see Lowkey laying down a track since announcing his hiatus from music. Track can be found on Logic’s album Spectator. Read more »