John Pilger – Palestine Is Still The Issue [2002]

Very good documentary by John Pilger. We want to warn you, some of the images in this documentary are very brutal, but need to be seen. Behind all the rhetoric of “humane occupation”, defecating in cultural centers and breaking bones are not uncommon acts when you colonize a people, there is nothing “human” about it. Palestinians have been dispersed throughout the world because of a settler colonial agenda, and as Africans, we know that being in a diaspora is not a natural state of affairs. Bantustan sovereignty is bullshit! When one looks at the Indigenous and African communities in the U.S., the failure of Bantustan sovereignty is painfully obvious; but they are called “ghettos” and “reservations” for the purpose of depoliticization. Could you imagine if the initial colonial brutality that was imposed on the Indigenous of the U.S. and Africans was put in its proper context; not as an “events of a long ago past”, but merely the first of many events that must be continued to maintain a structure. You have one people whose kicked off their land, and another who was stolen from their land. Palestinians, just like Africans and Indigenous of the U.S., will continue to fight for their humanity because, just like all oppressed people truly know, your oppressor cannot grant you freedom.

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