EP.025: Dr. Julian Kunnie’s The Cost of Globalization Part 3 of 3

In the conclusion of our series with Dr. Julian Kunnie about his book, The Cost of Globalization: Dangers to the Earth and Its People, we talk about the effects globalization has on... Read more »

EP.021: Big Frizzle Family First, Africa 4 Africans Edition! Part 1

What's up everyone, we're back! For our relaunch we are happy to present our dialogue with Big Frizzle! Big Frizzle is a multi-talented lyricists, singer, writer, and student/teacher of African history and... Read more »

Amy True – Elevate

Official video from Amy True, produced by Chemo. Dope track! Read more »

Amy True – Release

Feel this track….it’s good to have a positive way to let go of stress! Track can be found on Amy True’s bandcamp page here. Track produced by Chemo. Read more »

Amy True ft. Jamie Tamil – Radio

A heartfelt track from sista Amy True. “Radio” can be found on Amy’s Question Authority. Read more »

Amy True EPK 2016 (True Music)

Check out Amy True’s EPK. We also feature many of her videos in our Videos menu. Don’t sleep on Amy True….she’s an extremely talented artist, with no pretenses! Read more »

Amy True – Falling Stars

The struggle is real y’all! We’ve all had the growin’ pains Amy is talking about in this track, and like she says at the end, just believe in yourself (ourselves) and the... Read more »

Logic & Amy True – Free Nigga

Y’all just have to watch this one….no words necessary. You can get this single here. Read more »

EP.014: Ayesha Harruna Attah Author of Harmattan Rain & Saturday’s Shadows

On this episode we play excerpts from an interview we did with African writer, Ayesha Harruna Attah. Read more »

EP.009: Is Apartheid Really Dead?: Interview with Dr. Julian Kunnie Part 1 of 2

On this episode we talk with Julian Kunnie about his book Is Apartheid Really Dead?: Pan-Africanist Working-Class Cultural Critical Perspectives. Read more »