Wise Intelligent – Stuck (A Lesson in Rhyme)

“Stuck (A Lesson In Rhyme)” was produced by DJ Pocket, for Serious Knock Ent. Menacing kicks and snares, and a loop from H-Town’s Scarface from the song “Smile” featuring Tupac, provide the perfect backdrop for the lesson being delivered, while the chorus reminds listeners of exactly what the message is. “Stuck” does not speak exclusively to the condition of those collectively regulated to what has become known as “ghetto life”. While the trappings of ghetto life are indeed covered in the song, “Stuck” also speaks to those who are stuck within a conditioned set of perspectives and views concerning oppressed people living in these ghettos – views shaped and maintained via the ubiquitous proliferation of a dangerous, non-contextual, single narrative concerning poor and Black people in particular. In this track Wise Intelligent interprets ghetto life within its proper socioeconomic and political context, patiently stitching together a lyrical masterpiece, while simultaneously unraveling the racialized fabric of a deliberately engineered ghetto life. Track appears on Wise’s album Wise Intelligent iz…Stevie Bonneville Wallace (Back 2 School 4th Period) .

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