Conscientization 101 Podcast Ep. 37 Cyclonious Pt 1

EP.037: Cyclonious Practice W/O Thought Is Blind; Thought W/O Practice Is Empty Part 1

We present part one of a two part series with Cyclonious The Natural Disaster to discuss the principal of conscientization... Read more »

EP.005: Destroying & Rebuilding with Cyclonious The Natural Disaster

Conscientization 101 interviews independent UK hip hop artist, Cyclonious The Natural Disaster. We discuss African nationhood and identity, 360 deals imposed by major record labels, and music as a form of social... Read more »

Cyclonious feat. Nate & Jayjayborn2sing – Against The Beast

Cyclonious has a line where he says bleaching your skin is living in sin, we couldn’t agree with him more! Track can be found on Cyclonious’s Escape To Reality. Read more »