Eyes Of The Rainbow

This is a documentary written and directed by Gloria Rolando from Havana, Cuba and narrated by Nehanda Abiodun (also an Afrikan political exile from the United States to Cuba). This is a... Read more »

Big Cakes – Perculating

BC once again breaking down complex political analysis through his succinct flow. Track can be found on BC’s album Blue Cheese. Read more »

Black The Ripper – Wake Up

The alarm clock has been ringing for a long time now! Read more »

This Is Black History feat. Jody McIntyre, Logic, Big Ben, Jaja Soze, Big Cakes, Genesis Elijah, MC D, Cerose, Big Frizzle, Wordplay, Haze, USG, Rodney P, & Akala

This is a track that needs to be on constant loop! [bandcamp track=3054877475 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=5D9D3D size=venti] Read more »

Robert F. Williams: Let It Burn

Robert F. Williams (February 26, 1925 – October 15, 1996) was a bad brother from Monroe, North Carolina who was fed up with a legal system that not only turned a blind... Read more »

Big Cakes – Gonna Be Change

Spitting unadulterated truth about the colonization of African people worldwide. Track from Big Cake’s album CCC. Read more »

Lowkey – Obama Nation

Track from Lowkey’s critically acclaimed album Soundtrack To The Struggle. Read more »

Lowkey feat. M1 & Black The Ripper – Obama Nation Part 2

Not only does Lowkey set this track on fire with his unique form of conscientization, but he also introduced Conscientization 101 to one of our favorite rappers in this track…Black The Ripper... Read more »

Logic ft. Lowkey & Renee Soul – I Wish

We here at Conscientization 101 were happy to see Lowkey laying down a track since announcing his hiatus from music. Track can be found on Logic’s album Spectator. Read more »

Lowkey – Hand On Your Gun

Track from Lowkey’s critically acclaimed Soundtrack To The Struggle. Read more »