February 1965: The Final Speeches (Malcolm X speeches & writings) by Malcolm X

This book is a must to understand Malcolm X and his political objectives. In Malcolm X’s own words, the last two weeks of his life, this book proves to be insightful, most accurate, and instructive in documenting the culmination of Malcolm’s praxis. Upon reading this book, you will unequivocally know Malcolm to be within the tradition of Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, and other Pan-Africanists; and as such, Malcolm understood there could be no “African-American” or “Continental African” solution to Black oppression, but only an ALL AFRICAN  solution. There is no need for conjecture or to read any other person’s interpretation of Malcolm X’s politics, read for yourself, in Malcolm’s own words. Also see Conscientization 101’s three part musical commentary on this book.

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