John Pilger – Palestine Is Still The Issue [2002]

Very good documentary by John Pilger. We want to warn you, some of the images in this documentary are very brutal, but need to be seen. Behind all the rhetoric of “humane... Read more »

Apartheid Did Not Die

This is a documentary produced by John Pilger in 1997. In this film, he highlights the transition from apartheid South Africa to a so-called “New South Africa” which continues to represent the... Read more »

The Secret Country – The First Australians Fight Back [1985]

A very informative documentary about the settler colonial nation of Australia by John Pilger; what this documentary makes plain is that the colonial oppression faced by Aboriginal sisters and brothers cannot be... Read more »

Freedom Next Time: Resisting the Empire by John Pilger

Well-known journalist and filmmaker Pilger reminds readers that “if power was truly invincible, it would not fear the people so much as to expend vast resources trying to distract and deceive them,”... Read more »