Wise Intelligent – This Space

 The opening track on Wise Intelligent’s album Wise Intelligent iz…Stevie Bonneville Wallace (Back 2 School 4th Period) got a video! You have to ask yourself if this is lyrical salvo is... Read more »

Wise Intelligent – Stuck (A Lesson in Rhyme)

 “Stuck (A Lesson In Rhyme)” was produced by DJ Pocket, for Serious Knock Ent. Menacing kicks and snares, and a loop from H-Town’s Scarface from the song “Smile” featuring Tupac, provide... Read more »
Conscientization 101 Podcast Ep.035-Del Jones Pt 1

EP.035: Del Jones On Understanding Our Rich Cultural Heritage…Part 1

Del Jones aka Nana Kuntu was one of the fiercest and vigilant Africans that walked the earth. In a sea of anti-African madness, Brother Del Jones did the libratory analysis that needed... Read more »
Conscientization 101 Podcast Ep.031 - Dr. Bobby E. Wright Pt1

EP.031: Dr. Bobby E. Wright, The Man and His Mission Part 1

April 6, 2017, marks the 35th anniversary of Dr. Bobby E. Wright's passing. Dr. Wright was one of the greatest warrior's for the restoration of African sovereignty. In part one of this... Read more »

EP.026: Ezrah Aharone’s The Sovereign Psyche

As the first Black president exits office, rather than America being "post-racial," Black people must walk around like the 1960s with signs blaring: "Black Lives Matter." In addition, the late Supreme Court... Read more »