EP.035: Del Jones On Understanding Our Rich Cultural Heritage…Part 1

Conscientization 101 Podcast Ep.035-Del Jones Pt 1
Del Jones “The War Correspondent” AKA Nana Kuntu (1946 – 2006)

Del Jones aka Nana Kuntu was one of the fiercest and vigilant Africans who walked the earth. In a sea of anti-African madness, Brother Del Jones did the libratory analysis necessary to heal a brutally scarred people, while at the same time he worked to reunify Africa’s physically and mentally  dispersed people via nationbuilding. Brother Del Jones did not live a life of theory divorced from practice, he was a warrior on the frontline…he was our WAR CORRESPONDENT!

We are proud to be airing a digitally re-mastered two part series from Brother Del Jones called Understanding Our Rich Cultural Heritage & Strengthening It For The Revolution. This lecture took place circa late 1996 or early 1997 at a cultural institution known as African Echoes in New Jersey.

In part one Brother Del Jones discusses:

  • Revolution as a process not an event
  • How producing revolutionaries requires a revolutionary culture
  • Why a “dynamic” or “charismatic” individual cannot develop revolutionary culture
  • A critique of the 1995 Million Man March
  • Why history is important for a people to understand their achievements and errors

and much more!

This episode features sounds from:


Books mentioned in this episode: Showdown: Pan-Afrikanism  vs. White Supremacy by Del Jones, Sex Prisoners: Culture Bandits Vol. 3 by Del Jones, and Defying the Tomb: Selected Prison Writings and Art of Kevin Rashid Johnson featuring exchanges with an Outlaw by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson.

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