Kwame Ture on The Fundamentals of Unity

You know when the elders get all nostalgic and start to say stuff like, “In the 1960’s we were united. If only we could…” you know the rest. Well leave it to Kwame Ture, a veteran of the struggle for African people, to set the record straight by accurately asserting that in fact Africans were not united as the revisionist history goes. The petty bourgeois elders that adhere to this revisionist history will be the same to say the generations that came after the 60’s were ruined by hip hop. “You kids need to pull your pants up and speak THE QUEEN’S ENGLISH. That’s why the cops shoot y’all, acting like African savages.” And these petty bourgeois elements wonder why “the savages” tell them to kiss their asses. In this lecture Baba Ture defines unity, deconstructs the misnomer that Africans are poor, explains how it is impossible for history to repeat itself and much more.

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