Agents of Repression: The FBI’s Secret Wars Against The Black Panther Party and The American Indian Movement by Ward Churchill and Jim Vander Wall

From the Red Scare of 1919-1920 to the McCarthy period of the 1950’s to the COINTELPRO era of the 1960’s. The FBI has operated primarily as America’s political police. Set against this... Read more »

Kwame Ture Lesson’s From The 1960’s

Kwame Ture breaking down the lessons of the 1960’s that must be understood in order for liberation today! Read more »

Decolonize This? Properly Defining Settlers
Part 1 of 2

I want to talk about European settler colonies because, again, we’re dealing with land. A settler colony is an area of land where the European leaves Europe, comes to that area and... Read more »

Assata Speaks

With America being founded on genocide and slavery, is there any wonder that Assata Shakur is relentlessly pursued by the same government that brought Africans to the Americas kicking and screaming! Our... Read more »

The Groundings With My Brothers by Walter Rodney

As the great African patriot born in Jamaica, Paul Bogle said, “Remember your colour and cleave to black,” this is what Walter Rodney, the great African revolutionary from Guyana, always held true... Read more »

Kwame Ture on The Fundamentals of Unity

You know when the elders get all nostalgic and start to say stuff like, “In the 1960’s we were united. If only we could…” you know the rest. Well leave it to... Read more »

Kwame Ture on Making the Unconscious Aware of Their Unconscious Behavior

In this lecture Kwame Ture recapitulates the aforementioned points noting that the job of the conscious is to make the unconscious, conscious of their unconscious behavior (that’s a mouthful!). In this statement... Read more »

Lowkey ft. Mai Khalil – Million Man March

Poignant track from Soundtrack To The Struggle which reminds us that the struggle we’re engaged in is eternal and never contingent upon one person. As brother Kwame Ture always stated, never believe... Read more »

Kwame Ture – Revolutionary Organizations

In this illuminating lecture Kwame Ture addresses various concerns regarding African and all oppressed people. He discusses the corporate media and its purpose under a colonial/oppressive system, the question of African identity,... Read more »

Black Awakening in Capitalist America: An Analytic History by Robert L. Allen

Black Awakening in Capitalist America: An Analytic History, is a classic study of the Black liberation movement of the 1960s. Examining Black Power and black capitalism, the student and radical movements, nationalist... Read more »