A-Alikes – They Wanna Murder Me

The purpose of our colonized existence…we are objects to be used, not humans to the colonizer, so yes they do WANNA MURDER US. By the colonizer’s rationale we are not humans to... Read more »

A-Alikes ft. dead prez – We Got Room

Classic track right here! A-Alikes and dead prez setting it off! Read more »

Big Cakes – Gonna Be Change

Spitting unadulterated truth about the colonization of African people worldwide. Track from Big Cake’s album CCC. Read more »

Lowkey feat. M1 & Black The Ripper – Obama Nation Part 2

Not only does Lowkey set this track on fire with his unique form of conscientization, but he also introduced Conscientization 101 to one of our favorite rappers in this track…Black The Ripper... Read more »