Conscientization 101 Podcast Ep.027 Dr. Amos N. Wilson Beyond Civil Rights PT1

EP.027: Dr. Amos N. Wilson Beyond White Racism, Civil Rights…Part 1

On this episode of the Conscientization 101 podcast we feature Part 1 of a 2 part lecture by Dr. Amos Wilson entitled Beyond White Racism, Civil Rights, and Onward to African Revolution,... Read more »

Wise Intelligent – Zion (feat. Rahzii Highpower)

Zion (i.e. a freed non-neocolonialist Africa, don’t get it confused with “Zionism”) is what all Africans need to struggle to achieve, and Djezuz knows We will achieve it! Track appears on Wise’s... Read more »

Wise Intelligent – Illuminati

We love this joint right here! What Wise does is demystify the objective wretched conditions that African people have imposed upon Us throughout the world. Imperialism wants us to believe that an... Read more »

Wise Intelligent- Underground Spiritual Game

Djezuz has done it again! The setup of the video is dope as hell, all those African flags! One thing you can’t deny is that Djezuz is defiantly Black! Track appears on... Read more »

Wise Intelligent – Water Walker

Wise walked all over the water with his flow on this one! Track can be found on Wise’s album Wise Intelligent Iz the Unconkable Djezuz Djonez. Read more »