Wise Intelligent – Illuminati

We love this joint right here! What Wise does is demystify the objective wretched conditions that African people have imposed upon Us throughout the world. Imperialism wants us to believe that an all powerful omnipotent group of individuals rule the world because of occultist rituals they engage in; not only that, they would have Us believe that now Black celebrities are famous because they have chosen to take part in these “satanic” rituals. My sisters and brothers, We here at Conscientization 101 can say with all honesty, We don’t know what the Imperialists do with their usurped resources to relax, hell them fools might just worship little owls, it wouldn’t surprise Us!

The fact of the matter is, We are in the shape that We are in because We have been dispersed throughout the world and have been thoroughly colonized at home (in Africa) and abroad. As African people, We represent a nation of people without the ability to protect ourselves from oppression and exploitation from the colonizing nations were We reside because of a lack of state power. The only way We will ever know freedom and happiness is through the consolidation of our nation and through the wielding of state power to protect Us from all forms of oppression and exploitation-UNDERDEVELOPMENT! So whether or not the Imperialists are in the “illumanti” or the “Liberace”, makes no difference to Us, because our primary goal is to obtain power!

Track appears on Wise’s album Wise Intelligent Iz the Unconkable Djezuz Djonez.

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