Black Skin, White Masks by Frantz Fanon

“‘Dirty nigger!'” or simply “Look! A Negro!”  I came into this world anxious to uncover the meaning of things, my soul desirous to be at the origin of the world, and here I am an object among other objects.'”

This quote is a summation of what it is to be Black in the world; an object for others. While Fanon writes this book in the context of being an African in the Antilles, his observations are well understood by Africans all over the world. Fanon’s analysis reveals that the African can only become successful in an anti-Black world when they cease to be an African and seek white values, acceptance, and world views (a classic example….Barack Obama).

Black Skin, White Masks provides the analysis of how we live as Africans and many petty bourgeois professionals tend to cling to the analysis of our suffering and objectified lives to garner sympathy from white liberals. From his analysis in this book Fanon was able to formulate the answers which will liberate African people in The Wretched of the Earth, however, these bourgeois intellectuals prefer to avoid these options (to make sure they get their grant money no doubt…).

As you read this book you will see how there are two paths to take based on his insights (1) capitulate to white power for their acceptance or (2) revolutionary politics. We know which one Fanon chose!

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