Cyclonious – What’s Your Fate?

Cyclonious is back with his second single “What’s Your Fate?” taken from the majestic forthcoming album The Revival.

This time Cyclonious has put together the production in superb fashion creating an nostalgic, enchanting beat and melody which is a beautiful detailed frame while Cyclonious brings a splendid narrative that completes this master piece. This single is uncanny and should never be overlooked!

‘What’s Your Fate?’, unlocks the listeners pandora’s box with a well written story which is based on a true series of events. The story approach is something we don’t often get any more inside of hip hop as the vast majority of artist like to stay in a comfortable position within being creative. Cyclonious on the other hand wants to take his audience on a different route throughout this “Honey Trap” episode! “What goes around yo it comes straight back, love or hate if your in it blood how would you react, now whats your fate”‘ taken from the hook is just a taste from this palatable dish served on this hip hop journey.

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