Conscientization 101 Podcast Ep.030 Ital Fresh-

EP.030: Ital Fresh

On this episode of the Conscientization 101 podcast, we talked with one half of the dynamic and innovative team at the Liverpool based Ital Fresh, Iras DanJahDan (also of the RU1 Fam... Read more »

EP.006: Ezrah Aharone On African Sovereignty

In this discussion with author Ezrah Aharone, we talked about sovereignty, the contradictions of the so-called "Black Lives Matter" movement and recent Selma commemoration, and much more. Read more »

Big Cakes – Stay Fly

This is a bonus joint off BC’s album CCC. We all try to get and stay fly, nobody wants to look busted, but the question Cake’s poses still needs to be asked,... Read more »

Big Cakes – Too Easy

It is way too easy to fall into the stereotypes and designed positions of subjugation that society has organized for you, and it is much harder to break out of this sheer... Read more »

Big Cakes – The Bluest Cheese

Fire track off of Big Cake’s CCC. Read more »

Big Cakes – My Soul

Cakes dropping that knowledge. Track comes from his album CCC. Read more »

Big Cakes – Elephants

Classic! Track from Big Cake’s album CCC. Read more »

Big Cakes – Perculating

BC once again breaking down complex political analysis through his succinct flow. Track can be found on BC’s album Blue Cheese. Read more »

Big Cakes – Buck Da Mainstream

What Cakes says is sooo true…”Buck Da Mainstream”! When you look around a lot of people like to act as if the mainstream is something to aspire to, as if they aren’t... Read more »

Big Cakes – Gonna Be Change

Spitting unadulterated truth about the colonization of African people worldwide. Track from Big Cake’s album CCC. Read more »