EP.001: A Dialogue with Hip Hop Artist Immortal Technique

Immortal Technique


On this edition of C-101 podcast, we feature an interview we conducted with Immortal Technique. We discussed many topics with Immortal Technique including state repression of Occupy Wall Street, Haiti, Libya, and much more. We also included an overview of Conscientization 101 web magazine’s objectives and what you can expect when you subscribe. Since this is our opening podcast, this episode is the full interview for all visitors to the site!  Enjoy this interview and share this podcast with everyone you know!

The music featured in this episode is “Get Educated” by Akala from his album Knowledge Is Power – Mixtape, Vol. 1, also a clip from “Malcolm Said It” by Akala from his album The Thieves Banquet. We also feature the hidden track on “Hollywood Driveby” by Immortal Technique from his album The 3rd World and a clip from “Never That (Remix)” by Logic & Last Resort from their album More True Talk. This podcast also includes commentary from Kwame Ture and Affiong L. Affiong.

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