EP.058 MCE: Nationbuilding – Theory and Practice Part 2

Hip-Hop collective MCE. From left to right: Ced Adamz, Eshmelek Malakyah, and Obafemi Kiensiedilele.


After an arduous and acrimonious dispute with a housing contractor—oh what a crazy summer and fall—we conclude our two-part series with the multi-genius collective, MCE.

In part two of this insightful and trenchant series we discuss the following:

  • The impetus behind the creation of the numinous RBG: The Ep (Red, Black, Green)
  • How the psychological condition, discerned by the late Dr. Kobi K.K. Kambon–known as cultural misorientation–conditions African people to view “progress” as ascendency within the oppressor’s system; and as such, we ask whether the term “Black” is a priori rendered reactionary when not properly defined within an African-centered context.
  • How MCE’s acuity and adroitness also extends into the children’s literary arena, with Everyday Is A Sunday, a children’s book written and illustrated by Brother Obafemi

and, much more!

We also give a blistering, but shrewd and veracious, polemic on housing contractors, and info on MCE’s forthcoming EP Food, Clothes, & Shelter, dropping December 21, 2023.

You cannot afford to miss the conclusion to this percipient, sublime, and highly replayable series!

This episode features music from:

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