EP.057 MCE: Nationbuilding – Theory and Practice Part 1

Hip-Hop collective MCE. From left to right: Eshmelek Malakyah, Obafemi Kiensiedilele, and Ced Adamz.

On this 57th episode of Conscientization 101 podcast, we present part one of a two-part dialogue with a collective of artists whose praxis embodies the definition of nationbuilding, MCE. This series is presented in its Unabridged Interview form, as a thank you to those who value Conscientization 101. Our sincerest thanks!

MCE is a collective of multi-talented artists hailing from Pine Bluff Arkansas; and while MCE possess a diverse skill set which ranges from drawing, painting, and the creation of murals, music production is their passion and primary endeavor!

Fueled by the lessons learned from our greatest teachers and scholars, MCE’s sound is the life blood of the people; MCE’s music inspires not merely consciousness but critical consciousness, which particularly focuses on people achieving an in-depth understanding of the world, allowing not only for their perception and exposure of social and political contradictions, but inspirational tools to change those contradictions.

MCE is comprised of emcees Obafemi Kiensiedilele (Magnum), Ced Adamz and soul singer Eshmelek Malakyah. With exemplary wordsmiths, complemented with melodic, harmonious, and ethereal vocals; MCE’s music is not only a paragon of conscientization in terms of subject matter (the quotidian struggles of African people worldwide), but it is also eloquent and euphonious, thus solidifying their status as a veritable and salient music group!

In part one of this perspicacious and epigrammatic series we discuss the following:

  • The formation of MCE as a collective
  • How being from Pine Bluff, AK has informed MCE’s praxis
  • The strategies and tactics MCE developed to combat fatigue accrued through quotidian political struggle

and, much more!

In addition to our dialogue with MCE, we also discuss Dr. Walter A. Rodney’s invaluable posthumously released books; The Russian Revolution: A View from the Third World and Decolonial Marxism: Essays from the Pan-African Revolution.

This episode features music from:

MCE’s social media and affiliated websites:

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