Chris Hani: The Man The Never Tell You About When They Mention Azania (South Africa)

When one mentions Azania (South Africa), they automatically mention Nelson Mandela, but never Chris Hani. All we have to say is that Mandela fervently advocated for negotiations for concessions from the white settler colonial government, while Hani was was adamantly against negotiations with the enemy, and was extremely popular with the Black masses of Azania (South Africa). As Thabo Mbeki and other ANC top officials rolled around in luxury cars during the height of apartheid attending conferences for “freedom”, Hani was forced never to spend the night in the same place twice. Chris Hani was uncompromisingly for the liberation of his people, which is why his name is not readily associated with Azania (South Africa) in the west, unlike Mandela who is lauded as a man of peace…translation a “good negro”. This is a rare interview of the leader of the armed wing of the ANC, his story still needs to be told in a serious publication.

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