Kwame Ture – Revolutionary Organizations

In this illuminating lecture Kwame Ture addresses various concerns regarding African and all oppressed people. He discusses the corporate media and its purpose under a colonial/oppressive system, the question of African identity, African contributions to world history, the struggle for freedom, the redundancy of electoral politics for African and oppressed people, independent revolutionary organization, and much more.

Kwame Ture spends a great deal of time discussing the question of culture in this lecture and the editors of C-101 want to highlight the importance of this part of his lecture. We created C-101 to build an independent platform whereby the analysis put forth is not controlled by corporate media, grants, and/or other liberal NGOs. C-101 is intended to be a source for revolutionary critical thinking and to be a tool for raising people’s consciousness. Being that music is a part of this experience, it is important to note his point in terms of how the enemy will use your culture against you to maintain their domination over you. He notes that we should not blame individual artists/rappers for the music that is played in the corporate media. Our issue lies with the music industry. We have to condemn anyone who wants to put the onus on individuals due to moralistic agendas, but will support a Black president who bombs people in other countries and seeks to keep people divided. Make sure you have a pen and paper to take notes on this most important lecture.


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