EP.009: Is Apartheid Really Dead?: Interview with Dr. Julian Kunnie Part 1 of 2

On this episode we talk with Julian Kunnie about his book Is Apartheid Really Dead?: Pan-Africanist Working-Class Cultural Critical Perspectives. Read more »

Decolonising the African Mind by Chinweizu

In this sequel to The West And The Rest Of Us, Chinweizu examines the colonial mentality, in its various manifestations, and how it has obstructed African economic development and cultural renaissance since... Read more »

EP.008: The One Life Vibration with Hip Hop Artist Raggo Zulu Rebel Part 2

Alright everyone, we got part 2 of our interview with Raggo Zulu Rebel! We continue our discussion about the fierce competition involved in the music industry and how it creates a myriad... Read more »

Showdown: Pan-Afrikanism vs. Global White Supremacy by Del Jones

Two battered and bruised races are in the center of the ring and truth and justice have very little to do with it. Those who claim it’s a spiritual war are just... Read more »

Misguided Movement: The Neoliberal Move Toward Natural Hair Part 3 of 3

Even more insidious is the neoliberal trend to encourage consumerism as a way to social change. Read more »

Misguided Movement: The Neoliberal Move Toward Natural Hair Part 2 of 3

"We encounter difficulties when dealing with the petty-bourgeois class, especially in a colonial context." Read more »

EP.003: Catastrophism – Eddie Yuen – The Politics of Failure Have Failed The Environmental Movement and Catastrophism

On this edition of C-101 podcast we sat down with Eddie Yuen to discuss his piece entitled “The Politics of Failure Have Failed: The Environmental Movement and Catastrophism”, in the book in... Read more »

EP.002: Opportunities, Obstacles, and Prospects in Venezuela with Leo Lameda

On June 17, 2013 thru June 27, 2013, C-101 editors went to Venezuela to get a firsthand account of Venezuela post Chavez. Read more »
Conscientization 101 Decolonize This Pt 2

Decolonize This? Properly Defining Settlers
Part 2 of 2

In dealing with colonialism, we must consider the scope of what can be colonized. The conventional wisdom is that colonialism only relates to land and by extension the original occupants of the... Read more »

Decolonize This? Properly Defining Settlers
Part 1 of 2

I want to talk about European settler colonies because, again, we’re dealing with land. A settler colony is an area of land where the European leaves Europe, comes to that area and... Read more »