EP.013: Integration – Ain’t No Future in Yo Frontin’ with Dr. João Costa Vargas

Conscientization 101 Ep.13 João Costa Vargas
Dr. João H. Costa Vargas (left) and Conscientization 101 Managing Editor Zari Sundiata, at University of Texas at Austin on August 1, 2015

In this episode we air excerpts from a dialogue we had in 2011 with Dr. João Costa Vargas about his books: Never Meant to Survive: Genocide and Utopias in Black Diaspora Communities and Catching Hell In The City Of Angels: Life And Meanings Of Blackness In South Central Los Angeles. In this discussion we discuss the structural conditions Africans from Brazil and the United States live under and the character of the various struggles happening in these African Diaspora communities.

This episode features music by Akala, the tracks are “Get Educated”, “Pissed Off”, and “Yours and My Children” from his albums Knowledge Is Power – Mixtape, Vol. 1, The Thieves Banquet, and Doublethink, respectively. We also feature Big Frizzle‘s track “All Black Everything.”

The Podcast Was Just A Snippet Of  The Interview. Want To Listen To The Unabridged Interview? Click Here!

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