Cyclonious – Freedom

We sure do need some! From Cyclonious’s The Warrior & The Blacksmith. Read more »

Cyclonious – What’s A Postcode?

Love this track! The question posed by Cyclonious is of the utmost importance when one begins to think how we are inculcated about how to process phenomena. For example, being from “Da... Read more »

Cyclonious – Don’t Sleep

When you listen to these lyrics you can here that Cylonious is definitely about promoting praxis. From his album Montu Arts. Read more »

Cyclonious – Never Lose Your Passion

Another poignant track from “The Natural Disaster”. Track appears on his album entitled The Warrior & The Blacksmith. Read more »

Lowkey feat. Shadia Mansour – Too Much

After traveling to Venezuela this song has a whole new meaning. We felt this song when it was released on Lowkey’s album Soundtrack to the Struggle, but these conditions have faces, names,... Read more »

Logic – Spectator

Logic demonstrating how hip hop can touch you viscerally, while at the same time elevate you intellectually. It is the dialectics of development. Checkout the remix of this track on Logic’s album... Read more »

Big Cakes – Gonna Be Change

Spitting unadulterated truth about the colonization of African people worldwide. Track from Big Cake’s album CCC. Read more »