Conscientization 101 Podcast Ep.029 Mercury Djehuti of RU1 Fam

EP.029: Mercury Djehuti of RU1 Fam!

On this episode we learn more about Mercury, how he grew up, his musical influences and forthcoming solo project, the importance of social organization, and much more! Read more »

Mercury of RU1 Fam – Certain Man

 We are certain that if “certain man” don’t like this track, then that “certain man” is a damn fool! Checkout more from our brother Mercury of RU1 Fam via his Soundcloud,... Read more »

Mercury of RU1 Fam – Out There

Mercury of RU1 Fam dropping jewels! Read more »

EP.020: A Family Reunion with Hip Hop Collective RU1 Fam

This episode of the C-101 podcast features the UK based Hip Hop collective RU1 Fam! Read more »