Conscientization 101 Podcast Ep.048-Dr. Amos Wilson On Feel Good History

EP.048: Ideopraxis Series Dr. Amos Wilson On Feel Good History Part 3

We conclude our digitally re-mastered presentation entitled Dr. Amos Wilson on Feel Good History, from our Ideopraxis Series. Read more »
Conscientization 101 Podcast Ep.043-Affiong L. Affiong Weapons of Liberation

EP.043: Affiong L. Affiong Weapons of Liberation

We are proud to be airing a digitally re-mastered lecture from a sister who is dedicated to the struggle and victory of Pan Afrikan liberation, unification and sovereignty, Affiong L. Affiong. Read more »

Eyes to My Soul: The Rise or Decline of a Black FBI Agent by Tyrone Powers

We first saw Tyrone Powers in a video where he was sharing a stage with our late brother Del Jones in the 90s.  In the video the attendees were evaluating ways African... Read more »
Conscientization 101 Podcast Ep. 38 Cyclonious Pt 2

EP.038: Cyclonious Practice W/O Thought Is Blind; Thought W/O Practice Is Empty Part 2

We conclude our two part series with our brother Cyclonious The Natural Disaster entitled Cyclonious: Practice Without Thought is Blind; Thought Without Practice is Empty. In this episode we discuss the negative... Read more »
Conscientization 101 Podcast Ep.035-Del Jones Pt 1

EP.035: Del Jones On Understanding Our Rich Cultural Heritage…Part 1

Del Jones aka Nana Kuntu was one of the fiercest and vigilant Africans that walked the earth. In a sea of anti-African madness, Brother Del Jones did the libratory analysis that needed... Read more »
Conscientization 101 Podcast Ep.029 Mercury Djehuti of RU1 Fam

EP.029: Mercury Djehuti of RU1 Fam!

On this episode we learn more about Mercury, how he grew up, his musical influences and forthcoming solo project, the importance of social organization, and much more! Read more »

EP.015: Black Laws, Black Land for Black People: All Black Everything with Dr. João Costa Vargas

On this episode we feature excerpts from an interview we did with Dr. João Costa Vargas in Austin, Texas at the University of Texas - Austin. Read more »

Kwame Ture on Making the Unconscious Aware of Their Unconscious Behavior

In this lecture Kwame Ture recapitulates the aforementioned points noting that the job of the conscious is to make the unconscious, conscious of their unconscious behavior (that’s a mouthful!). In this statement... Read more »

Dr. John Henrik Clarke – A Great and Mighty Walk

This is a great documentary of one of the best African practitioners of conscientization, Dr. John Henrik Clarke. You will learn more about human history in this one film than you ever... Read more »