EP.053 Wielding Words Like Weapons With Ward Churchill Part 3 of 3

Conscientization 101 Podcast Ep.053-Ward Churchill WWLW Part3

In the riveting conclusion of our three part series with acclaimed American Indian Movement activist-intellectual Ward Churchill about his venerable book Wielding Words Like Weapons: Selected Essays In Indigenism, 1995-2005, we discuss the effects of the settler colonial polity of Canada on American Indians.

We investigate this phenomenon by examining the chapter titled “Kizhiibaabinesik”. The chapter is a poignant dedication to brother Ward’s late wife Leah Renae Kelly.

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Be on the lookout for the forthcoming book from Ward Churchill available for pre-order, From a Native Son: Selected Essays in Indigenism, 1985–1995.

And for more works by Ward Churchill, click here.

The Podcast Was Just A Snippet Of  The Interview. Want To Listen To The Unabridged Interview? Click Here!

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