Assata Speaks

With America being founded on genocide and slavery, is there any wonder that Assata Shakur is relentlessly pursued by the same government that brought Africans to the Americas kicking and screaming! Our historical relationship with all Europeans, including the ones who have dubbed themselves Americans, is that we should be punished whenever we resist white dominance. Only liars and liberals would be surprised by Assata’s case and require evidence of her innocence. We encourage you to read Assata’s autobiography, Assata: An Autobiography, and Inadmissable Evidence: The Story of the African-American Trial Lawyer Who Defended the Black Liberation Army written by Assata’s aunt Evelyn A. Williams. Williams book gives an account of the farce that was Assata’s trials.

Don’t ever let your oppressor tell you who your heroes should be. There is no doubt that Assata is still being pursued because she successfully undermined the oppressor’s attacks on her due to her political activities. As you watch this interview, think about the impact a concerted and organized resistance of a group of us would have on the system.

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