The Making of Logic & Last Resort’s The Never That Remix Video

This is a great behind the scenes footage of the phenomenally directed “Never That Remix” video, from Logic and Last Resort’s More True Talk album. Check how Black The Ripper checks those fools in church. Their response to him is typical of those people who think they can colonize a person, but then find out they are dealing with a Fighting Maroon! As we watched this video, we thought of something Akala said in an interview about how people are taught to worship celebrity over talent. You see Logic working the camera, you see him help prepare the scene by the tree. Real talk….to be independent (FREE), you have to be hands on! None of that bougie (bourgeois) crap! Talent and hard work is the key.

Clearly Logic, Last Resort, Black The Ripper, and Genesis Elijah (and the director of this video as well) are very talented, but being in an industry that turns people into commodities, talent is subjugated by celebrated in order to sell more units. Celebrity is a creation of the status quo to further engender the system. Celebrity requires no integrity or talent, it only requires submission. Celebrity has no base supporters because it is a mere creation of a rapacious system that creates objects to be sold for profits. That’s why it’s called “15 minutes of fame”, because they will have a new object on the shelf by the close of the business day.

These brothers in this video have a base that supports their music because they have talent, a work ethic (you can’t be independent otherwise), and beyond music they have integrity and will not submit for “15 minutes”. Popularity is not the ultimate measure of quality. Let us not forget that crack was a very popular drug, that didn’t mean it was good for you. The same analogy can be applied to these mainstream artists.

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