EP.007: The One Life Vibration with Hip Hop Artist Raggo Zulu Rebel Part 1

Conscientization 101 Ep.007 Raggo Zulu Rebel Part 1
Raggo Zulu Rebel

C-101 presents part one of a two-part series featuring excerpts from our interview with highly creative and prolific hip hop artist Raggo Zulu Rebel! We discuss many aspects of the music industry, including how it is used to dominate and control people through cultural hegemony, the proliferation of “key word lyricism”, and music’s quotidian influence on people’s lives. We also discuss the various aspects of organizing, self-understanding, spirituality, health, and building relationships. In listening to this episode it will be apparent why Raggo is so influential to Conscientization 101. His music and personality are genuine examples of constant development.

This episode features the following songs from Raggo Zulu Rebel’s music catalog:

The Podcast Was Just A Snippet Of  The Interview. Want To Listen To The Unabridged Interview? Click Here!

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