Ayi Kwei Armah Speaks About His Acclaimed African Novel The Healers

Ayi Kwei Armah’s novel, The Healers, is a novel that was/is key to the development of Conscientization 101 web magazine. The text can be found in our library as a quintessential must read text, we in fact re-read this text on an annual basis. This books is that important. As our Brother Armah says in this video produced by Per Ankh Publishers, “The central theme of The Healers is one of the oldest in African culture. It’s the theme of disunity as disease, unification as healing.” Whether you have read or not read The Healers, you will find this video an exceptional treat.

As Brother Kobi K.K. Kambon said, “Thus, the liberation of African people ultimately requires a psychological solution at its foundation, i.e., in the broader sense of cultural restoration.”[1. Kobi K.K. Kambon, African/Black Psychology in The American Context: An African Centered Approach (Tallahassee: Nubian Nation Publications., 1998), 1] Brother Armah’s The Healers is a part of that psychological solution we need as a people. Thank you Brother Armah for holding it down for Africans worldwide throughout the decades. Your work continues to inspire us. For more of Ayi Kwei Armah’s work just search by his name here on the site or visit Per Ankh Publishers today!

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