EP.022: Big Frizzle Family First, Africa 4 Africans Edition! Part 2

Conscientization 101 Ep22 Big Frizzle

In Part two of our talk with Big Frizzle, we discuss the impetus and objectives of specific tracks on his album Family First, Africa 4 Africans Edition. This episode is dedicated to the revolutionary Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz.

This episode features sounds from the following artists:

Logic & Last Resort – “We’ll Never Know (Instrumental)” from their album True Talk (The Instrumentals).  The original “We’ll Never Know” track featured Maverick Sabre, Akala, & Big Frizzle from their True Talk album.

Big Frizzle’s album Family First, Africa 4 Africans Edition: “The Best”, “Taharqa” and “Toast ft. Triggs Vega.”

The Podcast Was Just A Snippet Of  The Interview. Want To Listen To The Unabridged Interview? Click Here!

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